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Eviplera's medicine - 30 tab.

Eviplera's medicine - 30 tab.

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Emtricitabine, Tenofovir
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Eviplera drug description

Eviplera belongs to the group of antiviral combination drugs. Prescribed for HIV.
The main active ingredients of Evipler's drug, which can be bought at an affordable price:
● rilpivirine;
● tenofovir;
● emricitabine.
To avoid buying a fake , it is better to buy Evipler in an Israeli pharmacy with a branch in Kiev. The medicine is supplied to Ukraine for sale in the form of tablets. The price for Eviplera's drug in Ukraine is $ 929 per package. The carton contains a plastic opaque container with 30 tablets.


The drug Eviplera, which can be ordered in Israel, is used in patients with a positive HIV indicator, when the analysis shows no more than 100,000 copies of HIV-1 RNA per ml.
Tenofovir and emricitabine act specifically against HIV-1 and HIV- 2, as well as hepatitis B. Rilpivirine acts indirectly by inhibiting reverse transcriptase.
In combination, tenofovir, emricitabine and rilpivirine give excellent results. With the drug, there are significant improvements in the immune system.
The advantage of the combination of tenofovir, emricitabine and rilpivirine is that when HIV-1 becomes resistant to one of them, the others continue to work.

Side effects

Side effects of tenofovir, emricitabine, and rilpivirine include:
● nausea;
● dizziness;
● poor sleep quality;
● migraines;
● upset stools ;
● insomnia.
The largest percentage of negative reactions that was identified among patients was only 9%.


Eviplera tablets are taken one per day. They must be swallowed whole with water. The duration of the course is determined by the doctor and the patient's condition. Before ordering Evipler in Israel, you can request full instructions on an Israeli resource.
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Oleksandr, Bila Tserkva


Thanks to your pharmacy! Thanks to Alexander for his professionalism, patience, and responsiveness! On 07/02/19 the drug was delivered to us on 07/06/19 and delivered to a convenient place for us. During this time, the pharmacy representative Ron responded competently and patiently to all my questions. Thank you for the prompt delivery, individual approach and excellent service. Special thanks for the Price, which is significantly lower than on other sites. It's nice to deal with such crazy people like Alexander , who is cycling as a result of treatment, and citing the state of health of Our child! I wish you health, success and prosperity! We will recommend the pharmacy of a friend who has a need for original, high quality medicines.

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Vadim, Kharkiv


The best impressions. Many thanks to Valentine!

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