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Brilinta's medicine 60 MG - 168 tab.

Brilinta's medicine 60 MG - 168 tab.

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Description and action of the drug

Brilinta (Brilinta) is an antithrombotic drug related to platelet aggregation inhibitors (except for heparin). It is used in the treatment of aerothrombotic complications accompanied by ACS or myocardial infarction.
The active substance of the drug ticagrelor is used for patients after coronary angioplasty or undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting. Ticagrelor price in Ukraine, which starts from 600 UAH, is considered one of the most effective drugs. You can order it in Kiev and Israel (in the latter, the cost is higher).

Indications and instructions for use

Brilinta's medicine is used to prevent atherothrombotic complications in people suffering from acute coronary syndrome or myocardial infarction.
Brilinta tablets are taken orally regardless of food. At the beginning of the course of treatment, 180 mg is taken once a day, then the dosage is changed to 90 mg twice a day.
When taking Ticagrelor for treatment, Israeli doctors recommend taking aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) daily in parallel.
Interruption of the course. Ticagrelor therapy is unacceptable. If one dose was missed, the next dose should be taken according to the schedule. Brilinta drug requires a mandatory appointment by a doctor, you cannot self-medicate.

Contraindications and side effects of Brilinta

Ticagrelor should not be taken for:
● bleeding;
● allergies;
● pregnancy and lactation;
● juvenile age.
You may experience the following side effects from using Ticagrelor:
● the occurrence of hematomas and bleeding;
● headache, dizziness;
● gastrointestinal upset;
● skin rashes.
For a complete list of possible consequences of ticagrelor, see the instructions for Israeli medicine.

Features of the application of Brilinta

You can buy brilinta in most pharmacies in Ukraine, but many people prefer to order the product in Israel at a higher price, believing that they sell better quality medicines. The cost of Brilinta varies greatly, so we advise you to consult a pharmacist. The dosage is prescribed by the attending physician.
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Oleksandr, Bila Tserkva


Thanks to your pharmacy! Thanks to Ron for his professionalism, patience, that sensitiveness! On 07/02/19, the drug was substituted and on 07/06/19, we were delivered to us at the house for us. Within an hour, a representative of the pharmacy, Ron, was competent and patiently informed about all my meals. Thanks for prompt delivery, individual approach and best services. Especially for a price, as it means lower on other sites. I can?t help mothers with such sensitive people, like Ron, who was cured as a result of the lovemaking, who turned into the health of our child! Health to you, success and progress! We will recommend the pharmacy, we know, as I may need in the original, qualitive medical drugs.

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Vadim, Kharkiv


Best Experience. Thanks a lot to Ron!

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